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The partners of Pearls Advisors have many years of combined experience in resorts and real estate management. Our passion for the hospitality industry has led us on a path to connect investors and developers with resort properties in Switzerland and the Maldives.

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We utilize our local connections and cultural know-how for your benefit.

We can undertake negotiations on your behalf.

We can conduct preliminary enquiries on your behalf.

We can introduce you to our network of lawyers, accountants and tax advisors.

We specialize in sourcing Resort & Hotel investment opportunities in Switzerland and the Maldives.

We connect potential investors with business owners through our extensive network.

We ensure all information, documents and knowledge considered necessary for completing a transaction are readily available and shared.


Our main focus is on the resort sector in the Maldives, largely due to our local background, personal connections and long history in the hospitality industry in this country.

“One Island One Resort” concept

The Maldives is a tropical country in the Indian Ocean made out of 26 coral atolls, which are comprised of several islands. Its known for its shorelines, blue tidal ponds and broad reefs. The capital, Malé, has a bustling fish business sector, eateries and shops on Majeedhee Magu and seventeenth century Hukuru Miskiy (otherwise called Old Friday Mosque) made of coral stone.

Maldives has established itself in recent years as one of the leading luxury holiday destinations for tourists from all over the world and is renowned for its pristine white beaches and idyllic settings. 1200 small islands make up this small country with a total population of only 350,000. The country’s tourism sector contributes to 28% of its GDP and more than 60% of its foreign exchange receipts. On 24th November 2013, Maldives  reached the  milestone of 1 million foreign visitors. Tourists originated from all over the world including China, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia and Italy.

There are approximately 105 resorts spread out over the various atolls and the annual average occupancy is around 70.6%


Key Properties - Investment Opportunities

We can offer a variety of operating resorts, resorts under construction, new resort concepts for investment, outright sale and management. Please contact us for further information regarding your interest either as an investor or a resort owner.

4* - 5* Rooms 60 - 100+
Close proximity from the International Airport
Resorts under construction
New resort concepts
Virgin Islands
Sub-Lease of resorts

Housing and other projects in Hulhumale - Maldives


Hulhumale is a reclaimed island close to the International Airport located in the South of North Male Atoll.

This is is part of governments efforts to create the desperately needed land mass to meet the housing demands. And to promote the commercial and industrial development of the Male region. Hulhumale today is a fully functioning modern town with schools, hospitals, pharmacies, shops, restaurant etc

We can liaise you with the relevant government bodies and provide you with necessary information on these project.

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